At Skotidakis Goat Farm, we pride ourselves in offering authentic,
fresh and healthy products to our customers all across America.
Experience the exquisite taste of our yogurt dips, Greek yogurts and cheeses...
indulge yourself with excellence !

Experience a different kind of dipOur Skotidakis yogurt dips are the must-have accompaniments to your raw vegetables, appetizers, and even to salads and sandwiches. Made with our fresh goat and cow’s milk,
our dips are a true healthy choice.

Indulge yourself with the taste of REAL yogurtThick and creamy, our Greek yogurts are made from fresh goat and cow’s milk using the traditional Greek straining method. They are rich in calcium and provide you with two times the proteins than regular yogurt.

Authenticity has tasteDiscover the exquisite flavours of the Mediterranean with our selection of Skotidakis cheeses. From traditional Greek staples like feta and graviera, to classic Italian ricotta,
our products are crafted with the finest traditions in mind.