Greek Yogurt - A Chameleon in the Kitchen

Article - Posted on April 10, 2021

Let's get real! There’s yogurt. Then there’s Greek yogurt. At Skotidakis, we take pride in capturing the authentic taste of Greek yogurt, just as we knew it growing up.

Before Greek yogurt made it to the corner supermarket shelf, people of Greek origin made their own yogurt at home using a cheesecloth bag to strain the whey from the milk and leave behind a thick protein-packed power yogurt. And although traditionally Greeks eat yogurt topped with a handful of walnuts or a spoonful of honey, Skotidakis yogurts come with honey and a whole variety of fruit blends making our yogurt a wholesome snack and yummy dessert at the same time. 

Greek yogurt can be a chameleon in the kitchen. How can you use it? Let us count the ways!

From the breakfast table to the dinner menu, from the lunch counter to the kids’ lunchboxes, here are a few quick ideas to try with your favorite Skotidakis Greek yogurt.

Breakfast: Add a couple of spoonfuls to your favorite smoothie recipe in the blender. You can add more or less depending on how thick you like your smoothie. Add more yogurt for a thicker shake. 

Lunch: Spread yogurt in the slit of a celery stick or dip broccoli florets into a container of plain Greek yogurt. Try out the kids' favorite Greek yogurt dips combined with the most crunchable veggies —they may discover vegetables they never knew they liked!

Dinner: Use plain Greek low or non-fat yogurt as a replacement in your favorite cream soup recipe and taste the richness without the fat.


Greek yogurt bowl