Construction of a new barn & modern milking parlour

Posted on September 26, 2016

Construction of new facility has begun

St-Eugene, Ontario – September 2016 

Skotidakis has begun construction of a new state of the art barn to help grow their current herd of goats to over 10,000. The company, which prides itself on manufacturing authentic dairy products, revealed that the new barn would also include a European style advanced milking system that would be the largest of its kind in Canada.

“We are eager to get this new carousel system in place which will cut our milking time in half”, says owner of Skotidakis, John Skotidakis. “The new barn will help us meet the increasing demands of goat dairy products and help grow our business for generations to come.” 

About Skotidakis

SKOTIDAKIS headquartered in St. Eugene, Ontario in Canada is a leading and innovative manufacturer of dairy products in the food industry. SKOTIDAKIS specializes in the production of authentic Greek dairy products.

new barn

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